We are a non-profit club

Dedicated to the Protection of Honeybees and all Pollinators

The Westminster Bee Club is dedicated to the protection of honeybees and all pollinators by providing education to the general public as well as backyard beekeepers. We have regular meetings to discuss the plight of honeybees. We are a non-profit organization and we support our parent company, The Colorado State Beekeeping Association (CSBA). We are also partnered with Bee City USA – Westminster to provide voluntary public education about the plight of pollinators in Westminster, CO and throughout Colorado.

Our Standley Lake Apiaray

The Standley Lake Apiary has a lot to offer our club members, the art of beekeeping, including 2 large native bee houses. Our club hosts and maintains several apiaries around Westminster, which include several traditional Langstroth hives and top bar hives. We also host several native nee houses and have practiced harvesting summertime leaf cutter bee cocoons. Native bees maintain a healthy population within close proximity to our honeybee hives and live in harmony.

Meet our Board Members

Gregg McMahan


I started beekeeping in 2005. I’m the owner of “Rocky Mountain Bee” and founder of the Westminster Bee Club! My goal is to save all bees possible!

Ph: 720-934-6176

Dewey Dunlap

Vice President

I started beekeeping in 2015 with two hives that made it through to the next year. After both survived, it left me thinking “that this was easy!”. I have since found out that there is something new to learn every time I go into the hive. I’m excited for the next learning adventure.

Chris Kimmerle


Chris Kimmerle is from northern New Jersey and came to Colorado to attend CSU where he got his Microbiology degree. He got into beekeeping in 2017 after visiting a bee museum in New Zealand. He has been successful with Flow Hives here in Colorado. He became the Secretary of the Westminster Bee Club in 2018 almost from its inception that year. He’s a native bee enthusiast and is a member of the Native Bee Watch Program. Chris is the facilitator of the “Beekeeping Jeopardy” game that the club has on occasion – interactive fun for all and very informative to increase your pollinator knowledge.

Email: westybeeclub@gmail.com
Ph: 303-594-4433

Danielle Brehm


I started beekeeping around 2016 in college, after getting introduced to beekeeping by a friend who had some hives on her property. It was an immediate fit as a new hobby and I fell in love with honeybees and learning more about them! Since then, its been such a fun learning experience, amazing hobby, and great way to build a community of amazing people along the way! Anyone can keep bees, and the rewards are pretty sweet ;)

Peter Brehm


I started beekeeping in 2016 with 1 hive. The hive didn’t survive the winter, but I learned a ton from the community and fell in love with beekeeping! The next years my hives did progressively better, and I’ve learned more about beekeeping in general and their role in the local ecosystem!

Naomi Dunlap

Board Member At-Large

I started beekeeping in 2015 with two hives. Today I have 6 hives. I enjoy gardening, especially planting for my “girls”! I’ll be planting a garden for pollinators in the spring!

Ashly Quibodoux

Board Member At-Large

Westminster Bee Club

Committees & Chair Managers

Standley Lake Apiary Hive

Managers:  Gregg McMahan, Julie Madigan, Heather Thompson, Tammy Hovey

West View Rec Center Hive

Managers: Lorna McCallister

Rocky Mountain Metro Airport Hive

Managers: L. Eric Smith; Erica Smith

Media & Marketing Committee

Managers: Ashly Quibodeaux; Lorna McCallaster; Kristen

Fundraising Committee

Managers: Ashly Quibodeaux

Education and Outreach Committee

Managers: Chet Collet

“I am interested in creating better forage and less pesticides for all pollinators, but my interest is in honey bee husbandry.”

– L. Eric Smith, Pres. CSBA

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